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With the Frohne SDHC +1, memory storage devices are now multifunctional because of the metric ruler. The Frohne SDHC +1 is great as a memory storage device for computer tablets, portable game devices, voice recorders, cameras, and other multimedia devices.

Approximately 1750 photos and approximately 70 minutes of HD videos for storage for this tiny memory storage device.

The memory connector is dust resistant, extreme temperature resistant, rust resistant, shock resistant, salt/fresh water resistant, alcohol resistant, scratch resistant, airport security resistant, and electromagnetic resistant.

The metric ruler is used by students, doctors, chefs, engineers, scientists, industrial designers, and other professionals to accurately measure their small projects.

Designed by Frohne in Texas

Weight: 1g

Capacity: 16GB

Songs: 4000+

Photos: 7000+

Class: 6

Material: ABS

UPC: 610696382078

EAN: 0610696382078

Price: $34.99